Monday, March 14, 2011

Flattered and Humbled {Jean and Rosz Feature}

On a much lighter note, let me share with you a sweet feature Jean&Rosz, the hippest accessory line in town and a personal favorite, did on me, Le Misch, and some of my prized possessions- my baubles


I am flattered and humbled. Thank you Jean& Rosz. Keep the fabulous baubles coming!

To read the rest of the feature, head on to Jean&Rosz's blog. Check out their collections too, while you're at it! ( I am smitten by their LUXE line!)

Have a light and wonderful Monday you all! Keep safe too.


  1. hi, i <3 your blog! read it up to the start! i most especially <3 your posts re: your lil' girl as i have a lil' girl myself, (13 months). i'm attracted to mummy blogs =) but yours is so much more, very refreshing...

  2. Hi Ana! Thanks for the sweet words. You just made my day. Please do drop by often!

  3. Congrats on the feature!! Love your baubles, and cant wait for mine to come:)