Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review {Droplets Of Nature Dishwashing Liquid}

Le Misch and I are always on the look out for great products that have good value for money. Nowadays we all have to be practical (even frugal sometimes) when it comes to a lot of things. We've had some hits and misses but the fun part is when we find something amazing, we just got to share.

Hence this product review segment we're starting and first off is this dishwashing liquid from Droplets of Nature which we now use to clean and wash her bottles and 'china.'

It's dubbed as the community detergent. Made of coconut-based surfactant instead of the sodium lauryl sulfate making it gentle on your skin but tough enough to cut grease, milk and dish debris. It comes with natural skin moisturizer and a yummy cinnamon scent. I think its available in several other scents too. I picked the cinnamon and I'm happy with it. 

This product is formulated and developed by YAFE Inc. to help provide decent source of livelihood for women in rural communities of Laguna, Philippines. 

The best part yet is the price. I got this giant 1 litre for Php 250 ($5, S$7)! It's actually Php270 but the kind lady gave us a discount. Find the YAFE Inc. booth every weekend at Mercato Centrale. They sell soaps and other eco friendly goodness too.

Oh and just so you know, we used to use the Pigeon Bottle Nipple Vegetable Liquid Cleanser prior to our little discovery. I have always found the Pigeon a tad too expensive. If I'm not mistaken, it's around Php500 for a 700ml bottle. But it was the only thing in the market then when Mischka was just an infant. Now that she's a toddler, I can relax a little bit and not be too antsy when it comes to these things.

We're just happy we found droplets of nature in the form of a dishwashing liquid. We get to save without hurting our planet while helping some women have better lives. 

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