Wednesday, March 23, 2011

72-Hour Kit

Upon arrival at our halfway home this evening, coming from a weekly visit to the grand folks down south, I mentioned to our nanny/help to remind me to put together an emergency kit essentially for Le Misch, in the event of a calamity of any magnitude occurs.

I am still devastated by the unfathomable disaster that hit Japan and I thought, we all have to be prepared in any way we can, right?
And just as I was thinking about our emergency kit, I came across Stephmodo's preparedness process. Yes! What we need is a 72-hour kit! But what to put inside? My nanny's first thought was-- flashlight! Smart. So far here's my list:
  • Flashlight or head lamps
  • Milk in small packages
  • Power bars (love this idea from Stephmodo!)
  • Important documents- passports, birth certificates, etc. (again from Stephmodo)
  • Clothes for the little girl
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Alcohol
  • First-Aid Kit
  • One of Mischka's favorite stuffed toy (trivial, I know, but it will help calm her down when things get crazy)
  • Some cash
  • Vitamins
  • Paracetamol, anti-allergy meds
It would also be good to have one of these again via Stephmodo

Are you also putting together your 72-hour kit or have one prepared already? Please do share what's in it.


  1. Here are some more things you can consider adding to your list: extra batteries, battery operated radio, bottled water and blanket. We also put all our important documents in a fire-proof safe so when there's an emergency we just grab the key and go. Well, that's assuming we can go back for the safe.

  2. don't forget a whistle! :) by the way Miks, we're all in red and white at work today to remember those lost and still missing in the Japan quake. I miss you!

  3. was just asking hubby if i should keep some canned goods and what not for just-in-case situations like my most dreaded->earthquake. he said yes but i figured family would certainly be around for supplies. maybe i should rethink my stand.

  4. posted mine last night..and i realized how incomplete my kit was..

  5. Thank you girls for your tips! Now I must update our kit.