Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fantasy Interiors {Eclectic Nursery}

I have long dreamed of a beautiful nursery for Le Misch. One that's wide, open and well thought of.

She never really had one as we were always shuttling back and forth from Manila to Singapore from the moment she was born up until recently.

It remains a dream as she still sleeps in our bedroom up to now. The need for one has long passed but the longing for one that is as design-infused and eclectic as these is still very much there.

I am smitten by Jennifer Delonge's nursery via Meg Kat's nursery project. It captured all the elements I look for in a nursery (or even in a house)! Some parts organic, some parts vintage, the rest being clean and modern. Now I am head over heels in love with Jennifer's work.

I like the pattern play in this nursery. What with the yellow and white striped ceiling to the dotted curtains and beddings, brilliance by k.f.d.! Of course let us not forget that head popping zebra. I'm not so sure if Misch will like it but it will certainly merit at LOT of questions from her (she is currently on an average of 20 questions per minute. Yes, Hubby and I counted the other night.)

I want her wardrobe and now I want her boy Beckett's nursery! Jenna Lyons seem to have everything, doesn't she?

So there. My pegs for a nursery should a need for one presents itself again. 


  1. I love all these nursery images! They're gorgeous!!

  2. My friend would like to know where you got that mod light fixture! Please share!