Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Prelude

I often get asked about what I do now. Makes me wonder myself as I no longer go to a 9 to 5 working environment and yet my days are just as full (sometimes even fuller) as when I was working as a buyer. I would then start to explain my daily routine careful not to bore the person with specifics.

Now I learned to just say "I'm somewhere in between fashion and motherhood."

Ever since I found myself in this place, I've looked up to a lot of women (most of whom I don't personally know) in this same place as I am. Women I drew great inspiration from. Women who are so passionate of what they do, who they are, and what they (intangibly) have. Women of substance, living the most important role of their lives- as mothers, without ever compromising style.

Just some of the many, many women who immensely inspire me are:

Natalie Massenet, who founded Net-a-Porter out of a borrowed laptop in a Chelsea kitchen with 3 friends 10 years ago, tells me that YOU can make it happen when you pour your heart in it. Natalie has 2 daughters.

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, a mother of 6, has no idea how much of an inspiration she is to me. I am simply blown away by her. Hers is my go-to whenever I need my creative mummy fix. And if you know that she and her dear husband have moved their lovely clan to France, then you will closely follow their adventures too, as I have been.

India Hicks calls a small island in The Bahamas her home. She is an interior designer, a best-selling author, and a mother of 4. Not to mention a Creative Partner at Crabtree & Evelyn which is how I knew of her, myself being an avid fan of Island Living Spider Lily. She is an advanced scuba diver, have bungee jumped, parachuted, and hand glided among other extreme sports. She and her partner David, designed and are running The Guest House at Hibiscus Hill, where someday I hope to stay at. 

India is practically living the life of my dreams. Except for the scuba diving, bungee jumping, parachuting, hand gliding part, of course.

These women along with plentiful others have stirred me to be the best person I can be, nurturing my passions and enriching my daughter in the process.

And then there are those women whom I personally know, who are just as equally inspiring. That's what this little project of ours is all about.

With the monthly Mischmash Stylish Mama feature, I want to share with you some tidbits on the lives of mums who are indeed, mummying-in-style.

Watch out for our first stylish mum tomorrow!

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