Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mischmash Travels {Agnès B Cafe, Taiwan}

The Mr. and I took a brief sojourn to Taipei a few weeks ago. Sans Le Misch this time around but with some friends, one of which a local. Hence, we got to know the city more and actually had time to just while away. One of the things I noticed this trip was the city's love affair with anything French. A bunch of interesting shops peppered around the malls carry French merchandise. A lot of times I asked where the item I like is from, most often than not, the answer is one and the same-- France. 

So if there is one place in Asia where French designer Agnès B commands strong retail presence, its in Taipei. Not only are there retail shops of it in major malls, they also have cafes! And this I had to try.
The sandwiches were great and the coffee ain't bad too. I had a fancy cuppa with ginger from the mountains  of Taiwan, as the barista claimed, and sweetener from Paris. It was, needless to say, quite interesting.
And of course, a bevy of specialized chocolates and pralines for some saccharine fix to take away is not a bad idea, is it? 

Agnès B Cafe may be a fancy schmancy place to grab a cup of joe but it's pricing is comparable to typical Starbucks. Something I wasn't expecting for a signature French gourmet serving. 

There are Agnès B Cafes around Hongkong mostly grab-and-go's but should you find yourself in Taipei, there's one in Taipei 101 and another in Eslite in the Xin Yi district.    

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