Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend Tidbits

For the Easter weekend, instead of visiting my hometown for some uninterrupted quality time with my fambam, we met down south in a sleepy university town called Dumaguete. My folks and siblings drove for five hours while we flew for one. 

We stayed in a resort about three towns away from the city and just practically swam, ate, and slept. We were in serious vacation mode with some snorkeling and cruising thrown in. And with Le Misch being such a big fan of water, she was naturally in her element, swimming for hours on end.

On our third day we decided to put a little twist to our long planned vacay by moving to the city for a night. We chanced upon this quaint, Mediterranean-inspired resort, Floretina Homes, and were instantly charmed by its interiors. If you ever find yourself in Dumaguete, I highly recommend this place. 

How was your Easter weekend? Here's to hoping it involved family, some rest, and reflection. Tomorrow, we are back to the grind, refreshed and rejuvenated, knowing we have a lot to be thankful for.


  1. What a lovely resort! Looks like you had a relaxing vacation. Hugs to little Misch!

  2. Hi Mikka! Is that Carioca you're wearing? Love it! I want one in coral too :)

  3. Looks like you had a fun easter weekend. I've heard a lot about Antulang before and yes that hotel is quite lovely.

  4. Wonderful resort! thanks for sharing your experience and looking at the photos my mind is else where..ahaha! Lisa Travelers

  5. what a unique resort, perfect object for photographing *envy*