Thursday, October 28, 2010

snaps from the weekend

It was a very Mischka weekend for us. The 3 days didn't seem that long as it simply flew. What, with the 3 of us hopping from 1 home depot to another along with errands up to our necks, before we knew it, the long weekend was over.

But it wasn't all work for us. Amidst our home improvement tasks, we managed to squeeze in some play and good relaxing time with our friends and her friends too, mind you.

She had a grand time looking at bathroom fixtures capped off with a fun dinner with her bud Emma.

The following day she was ecstatic to see her good friend Adrienne from Singapore. Again, it was a fun dinner with the adults enjoying their meals while the kids run around the resto nanny-less. A typical weekend dinner we used to have in SG. 

This weekend too I saw her grow so much. Not only has she gotten even more active and extremely curious, she doesn't need me anymore to operate those animal rides at the malls. The girl can drive!

And since hubby is going away for a business trip and Le Misch and I to my hometown this week, hubby and I snuck out for some alone time and some Mediterranean fix. I wanted to have a glass of my usual but since there's an alcohol ban, I tried the Greek briki instead. It's just Greek coffee and it wasn't bad. 

The short long-weekend that was. How was yours?

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