Tuesday, October 5, 2010

snaps from the weekend

Laid-back is an understatement to define the kind of weekend we just had. Since the little girl is still under the weather, we pretty much just stayed in most of the time.

A fitting, the Ipad, and a whole lot of lounging. The lazy yet rejuvenating weekend that was.

A sneak peek at our main event this month. A dear friend is getting married at the hometown and we are giddy with excitement.

Hubby and I are amazed at how fast she learned how to navigate this new toy. Now she doesn't need our help. She knows exactly where to tap in and out of her apps. Amaaaazing.

I was able to catch up with my monthly reads. And when the baby boss puts down the gadget, I get to enjoy it too. How? I purchased 12 issues of Elle for $8 US!!! (Get them through Zinio.) Now, I can truly say I appreciate technology. 


  1. Hi Mikks... you finally bought the Ipad!! I am salivating for one and Jay are in verge of getting, sooner than expected
    Where and when did you get? Is it cheaper in Manila?
    Fill me in your splurge:-)
    I also blogged my blackboard wall , the idea we saw at Kathy's home remember??? I love it.. Love your dress:-) Missing you and Mischka.. get well bloggy Mom

  2. Hi Mi!!

    We got it from SG. Hubby went berserk buying gadgets before we left. A lot cheaper there according to him. Oh yes I love the wall! It's humongous! I wish I could do it too...