Wednesday, July 28, 2010

of wangs and benitos

I was obsessing on this

and was on the brink of buying it until I met this


I was smitten by the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel seasons ago. I wanted the black but when I saw the tan, I was confused. However, when I got a hold of it in Barneys 2 months ago, I was put off by its weight and apparently so was a lot of other admirers.

And then they put it on sale at almost half the price. Very tempting. I would check it online almost everyday until one day it was no longer there.

And then I was introduced to Jovan Benito (her work) by my art connoisseur friend Mia. I said to myself before that if I ever buy myself a painting, it would be a mother and child rendition.

I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it at Gallery Joaquin. Mia had little convincing to do with me, but I had a lot—with hubby.

Up to this day I still haven’t decided between a Wang and a Benito. (They share almost the same price tags, mind you.)

But I have gotten some progress with hubby. I sparked new interest in art on him and now he’s hooked on Benito too. Now were torn between this

and having one commissioned.

Though there are days I still dream of that mother and child rendition hanging on our bare walls... We'll see.


  1. Dear Mikk, OMG...It's a NO Braniner:-) That Wang will not appreciate but the Benito will. Please contact Jenny immediately as I am still holding that MOther and Child for you (same price still) !!!

    :-) More Wangs will pass too-- But the Benito will always be one of a kind!!

    go go go invest in art

  2. Hey that's not the one I wanted. I wanted the one with the ivory carabao!