Thursday, July 8, 2010

Papa Palheta

I'm no coffee connoisseur.

However, I do love to have a good cup of coffee a day. More than the caffeine, I value the conversation over it or the peace and quiet I get whenever I am in a serene cafe.

Such is the case in Papa Palheta. A hole-in-the-wall specialty coffee place that prefers to be called a roaster/ tasting bar over a cafe.

The entrance is like a back door entrance of a shop or a flat.

A welcoming note.

My coffee-mate.

No fancy menu lists here. You just have to tell the barista what kind of beans you prefer and how you want it served either in a latte, cappuccino or espresso. They can even do drip the Vietnamese way.

Music was actually playing from this.

One corner of the tasting bar.

Another corner. Yes, it does look more of a house than a retail space. I was tempted to open the cabinets and browse through the piles of fabrics!

Le Misch was enjoying as much as I was.

These lovely upholstered ladies are yours for $280 each.

My Columbian roast latte.

Since there's no menu, neither is there a price list. They appreciate $3.50 a cup but you are welcome to tip more should you feel like it.

So if you ever find yourselves in the island of Singapore and sick of the overly-priced, highly-commercialized Starbucks, then Papa Palheta is the place to go for that ultimate cup of joe.

Papa Palheta
140 Bukit Timah Road Singapore, Bukit Timah
Singapore, Singapore


  1. oooh would love to try this! Love your blog miks! wish i could put much though into mine but will most likely revamp it when i find time. looking forward to your other posts. keep on writing! :)

    -pat m

  2. thanks pat! visit us in SG!

  3. Hey mikka! Love your blog! I esp love your pics and the artsy way you view things :)
    Will definitely keep on reading!