Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Mummies, Organize Chaos in Style

I have a little confession to make. I am a notebook/ journal addict. Beautiful notebooks bring me happy thoughts and inspirations.

I am slightly obsessed. I buy a lot of notebooks thinking I will benefit from them since they bring me such joy and a lift of spirit. Problem is, I hardly finish their pages. Midway through the notebook, I crave for something else, something new. I know, I better stop this absurd obsession.

I only need one notebook at a time.

It is however difficult to find the right notebook/ organizer for the
mischmashed mum that I am now. That is why I was elated when I found this.

Yes, it has all the pages we need

like this

and this

and it even has these clever stickies!

Here's mine.

I've had this for over a month now and it has been very handy. I love that I no longer need separate notebooks for work, family, baby, errands, personal musings. There are just some redundancies with the to-do lists and juggling act pages but I don't mind. I need all the nicely laid out pages I can get.

Mommytracked.com is the genius behind this but unfortunately this one's sold out!

But fret not mummies, if you live in Singapore, head on to charming wouldwood (another personal favorite) at Mandarin Gallery or The Cathay both in Orchard for this mummy essential.

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  1. Oh, Mikka! Me too! In fact, I am using the same notebook/orgaizer/journal now! I just wish it had a thicker notes section. But I love it just the same. :)