Sunday, July 25, 2010

what i wore..

My little white dress was a hit at the White and Light Welcome Dinner Party hosted by the bride and groom last week.

The dress was actually a last minute purchase. I had this vision on my head of a perfect white dress and since I didn’t have time to have one made, I had to find one off the rack. I did my rounds on the usual high street suspects Mango, Zara, Tops
hop- found nothing.

And then of course, there's The Ramp, Crossings (almost like my second home) where I almost always get sensory overload for all the eye candies I see. If all things fail, I always come home to The Ramp and find something there. I just need to diligently sort through each and every shop-in-shop and find remedy for my fashion emergency. And so I did.

The multiway jersey ruched dress from Le Mimi. At first glance I thought it was too clingy on the body but I thought it had potential so I gave it a try. True enough, it had so much potential! So much so that you can use it 9 million ways. It comes with a little cheat s
heet of the many ways you can wear it. Clever! I have seen a lot of multiway dresses before but this one really is so versatile it can even accommodate a growing bump (should I get there again). So this piece indeed, is one for keeps!

Le Mimi multiway dress, Cosmopolitan beaded cuff, Cole Vintage braided flat sandals

All of the above are from The Ramp, Crossings. And for everything under PHP3000 (SGD89), how can you go wrong?


  1. <3 the sandals, thanks for posting :)

  2. I love them Chics! I always get a pair or two from Cole Vintage whenever I'm in town.