Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Got Crafty!

It's a challenge to keep a toddler occupied the whole day especially when most of her toys have lost their novelty already. But there are so many things that we mums can do for them and with them! We just have to be really resourceful and be veeery patient.

Yesterday, my good friend Ann (an early childhood education expert) came over and all three of us got down and crafty!

The "Baaah" Project

I caught her playing with the cotton balls while we wait for Tita Ann to arrive.

Step 1: Prepare the materials. Cotton balls, Black Marker, Glue, Scissors (I know, I know my scissors are not child-friendly at all); Pink paper (I couldn't find decent art paper here! Oh National bookstore, how I miss you.) Paper plate (which I forgot to include in the picture). And of course, let us not forget the inspiration of this project, "Baah" the sheep

Step 2: Delegate the tasks. Tita Ann and Mischka will create the body of the sheep by gluing cotton balls on the paper plate. While Mum cuts out the legs, head, and tail.

Poor girl didn't like the sticky feeling of glue on her hands!

Tita Ann explained to her that it is okay to get dirty sometimes. So she got a hang of it and went back to gluing.

Baah's Body Parts

Step 3: Stick on the legs, head, and tail.

Finish! Le Misch and her Pink Baah

Now on to the next step: Destroy the artwork.

We did one more side project while the "Mr. Sun" song was playing on the background.

We had a couple more lined up but Le Misch could only take 2. Tita Ann says it's normal as activities like these are tiring for them. According to her, its like going to a board meeting. That made me laugh! But what do I know? She's the expert.

Thank you Ann! Please come again anytime you want.

Mummies, you can try this at home too! You can google more easy toddler art projects and get down and crafty yourselves with your little ones. Enjoy!


  1. hi mikka! i love your blog. it's really purdy! especially since it features adorable le misch and all your great idea!

  2. Hi Pi! Glad you enjoy it!I like your term "purdy!"