Saturday, July 3, 2010

mischka is growing by the minute and so is her vocabulary

Hubby and I are amazed. Mischka bursts out new unexpected words here and there of late, and at 16 months here is the list of her vocabulary:
  1. apple
  2. turtle
  3. animals
  4. pool
  5. pasta
  6. baby
  7. ice
  8. eyes (sounds alike as the one before but she can differentiate, mind you)
  9. chair
  10. computer
  11. bear
  12. banana
  13. corn
  14. cocoon
  15. cheese
  16. hot
  17. milk (she used to do just the sign, now she signs it and says it too)
  18. nana (for all things that has big ears like the rabbit. yesterday i tried on a headband with big bows and she goes--- nana!)
  19. cat (with matching meow)
  20. amm (for eating)
  21. arf (for dogs)
  22. tea (we play tea time)
  23. there (yes, she uses this in the right context)
  24. clap
  25. hat
  26. hands
  27. hi
  28. hello
  29. bye
  30. mama (of course)
  31. dada (of course)
  32. no (of course)
  33. papa (for popsy)
  34. wowo (for lolo)
Sorry grandmas! She can't seem to say momsy nor lola.

Le Misch in her turtle shirt at a picnic in Botanic Gardens

Each time I open her drawer of shirts, she won't stop saying "turtle." Obviously this shirt is always in the laundry.

Two months ago, it was just about 10 words with lots of signing. Now its 34 with still lots of signing!

Happy weekend everyone!

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