Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nostalgia and a Broken Heart

I came home past midnight the other day to a little girl who's fast asleep and a husband engrossed on something in his laptop. I was on a red eye flight completely exhausted from a 5 day business trip to China. It felt so good to be home.

I asked dear hubby what he was up to at such an ungodly hour and he said he was reading my blog from the very beginning till my last post. "And what on earth made you do that?!" That's 195 entries all in all! "Nostalgia, I guess" he said.

The moment my daughter opened her eyes, she snuggled up next to me and whispered "I miss you, Mama. I love you." I melted. She followed it up with, "You broke my heart." I melted even more.

When I asked why, she just said "Because you went to China."

How exactly do you respond to such a colossal statement like that from a 2 y.o. toddler? What baffles me even more is her correct sentence construction.

So there, 5 days away and I got a nostalgic husband and a brokenhearted child.
 We had coffee on the day I left and she insisted to dress up her cow in stripes too.

We are blessed with an utterly sweet and extremely funny little person. Couldn't ask for anything more. 

To mummies out there, how do you deal with being away from your family?


  1. Oh Mikka I love this entry;). I don't even know the answer to your question except to hug your child as hard and long as you can:). and tell her you missed her too and hope she'll forget you left I'n the first place;).

    Welcome back though. Happy mommying again!!

  2. It is NOT easy. not one bit. the good thing is, she won't exactly know (or she'll forget) that you were ever away. she's so cute in those stripes. and your hubby sounds so sweet (it seems he missed you just as much as she did). enjoy being home.

  3. Thanks for your sweet notes, ladies! Yes, it is never easy but the moment you're home, everything's so much more meaningful.. :)