Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dissection of an ensemble {in the pink}

I realized its been awhile since my last ensemble dissection post. For lack of a good photographer at my disposal and posing, not really my cup of tea, I am low on this subject matter at the moment. Last Saturday though, I was lucky to have the Mr. take a quick snap of my rather outrageously pink garb. He asked if it was really my intention to sweep the floor as I sashay around. Silly. 

That stunning pendant is from my sister. I wore it with a necklace from J.Crew.  I know it resembles Joyce Makitalo's so much. But no, it's from a jewelry maker in Cebu.  


  1. That skirt is sooooo beautiful!
    Cant wait for good weather to arrive and wear long skirts like this one!
    So cute!

  2. Weeh! I love the pink skirt! It looks good on you.