Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Little Things

Last night, we've finally gotten around to watching Midnight in Paris. While I was glued to the screen and was all over smitten after an hour and a half, the Mr. didn't even realize the movie was over. He wasn't paying attention, obviously. 

As I may have mentioned in the past, Paris is my most favorite city in the world. I have only been once and it's magic really did rub off on me in a way that no other city has. I am probably just the worst romantic and I couldn't care less if the place and the people have been such a cliche. One of my silliest dreams is to someday move to Paris and just do as the Parisians do. Yes I am in love with the idea as much as I am with the place.

But more than the museums, the beautiful gardens, and the grand palaces, it's the little things that have got me dreamy of this French capital. The bistro chairs dotting the cafes, the street signs that are hard to miss but can easily get you lost, the baguette, that stripe boat neck shirt on the backs of the most perennially chic women I've seen, the gems you serendipitously find in pharmacies and the afternoons spent on a plaid mat with wine and cheese and the Tour Eiffel as a view. Le sigh...

Have you seen the movie? 


  1. I love Midnight in Paris :) But indeed, Paris has a romance of its own.

  2. Loved this movie! saw it in the plane from India..been planning to see it again on a better screen!

  3. I am so addicted with garlic baguettes, I am literally living on bread now :) This post is cute! And yes, Paris is the one place most girls would want to live.


  4. "Midnight in Paris" is one of my favorite movies ever. :) Read my review here: