Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Weekend

It's Friday and I'm not that ecstatic for the weekend. Only because it means our all-too-short sojourn to the hometown is coming to an end. We fly back to Manila tomorrow and one thing thats getting me worked up is Chicify's first ever pop-up shop at the Port88 Ready, Set, SALE! That and the little project my sister and I have decided to revive which explains the stash of vintage fabrics above. Of course a polka dotted booted miss likes to join in the fun. 

What plans have you laid out for the weekend? Set sale with us at Port88 if you've nothing exciting in the works. See ya!


  1. I'm not ready for the weekend either b/c it means my vacation has come to an end :( back to reality!

  2. I love the cloths, where do you buy this kind of fabrics Ma'am? :)