Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surprise Closet Staple Series

I find closets one of the, if not the most intriguing part of any abode. Curiosity has taken the best of me hence my hosting of another fun guest blogger series. 

A good fitting pair of denims, some white tank tops, a crisp white button down, the little black dress, a chambray shirt, a structured leather tote, a signature scent.. we know the classics all too well. 

But what about a red coat, a pair of leopard flats, leather leggings, bright anoraks, or a sequined skirt? Those are what I call surprise(!) closet staples. Pieces that are nowhere near the classics list but are actually finding its way to your everyday ensembles, sometimes even without you noticing it.

So without further ado, I have one question for you. What's your surprise closet staple?

Mine are fancy skirts. I find myself reaching out for them in my most uninspired mornings. I like mixing them up with the usual suspects aka white button downs, chambray and striped tees. Spice it up a little with some baubles while topping it off with statement footwear and-- voila! That, my friends- as I'd like to think- is my signature look. 

 Now meet the strong contenders of my, now revealed, surprise closet staple.

Faith Hope Love Tulip Skirt. Perhaps my most fave of them all. I have taken a great amount of style mileage off this one. 
Salsatrends Printed Metallic Box Pleat Skirt. Worn just a couple of times but I sorta have a special connection to it.
The Ramp Jersey Uneven Hem Skirt. I found this on a sale bin. Didn't even bother trying it. Paid for it in a heartbeat.
RAF Plains & Prints Knot Skirt. Looks complicated but wear it with a sweater shirt and its a match made in heaven.
Vintage. Pleated. Stripes. Navy and white. Need I say more?
United Pop Beaded Band Jersey Skirt. Hails from circa 2005 and this piece still commands real estate in my teeny weeny closet. 

There you have it. Hopefully my SCS was surprising enough for you. I've also come to realize that all of these are local finds! Just goes to show how much I actually love local design.

 Watch out for our guest blogger letting us in on her surprise closet staple, this Thursday!  

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  1. i'm with you on the skirts.....i wear so many that my girls notice when i don't. what does that tell you?