Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Weekend

We're beach bound once again. But no Le Misch this time around and we're having mixed emotions. We know how much she loves the beach and it breaks my heart to leave her. But we need a little break and get some much needed R&R especially for the Mr. Travelling with a toddler, though I've quite mastered the skill, is no walk in the park or the beach for that matter. But we haven't even left and we're missing her already.

Oh well. Have a good one, lovelies.


  1. Have fun! Hope the weekend gives you a lot of sunshine.

    Thanks, I got the package already; my daughter delighted. :)

  2. it's okay, kaya mo yan, i used to feel that way the first few times when nikola was younger but you guys need this! have fun :)

    ps. i just bought the same kind of tiboli necklace a few days ago! great minds think alike :P