Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's Talk Skincare

I'm not one to talk about beauty in this blog. Simply because I know I don't have authority on that subject matter. I hardly wear makeup and it's only recently that I bought my first lipstick. Chatterbox pink from MAC. Guess what? I lost it!  

But skincare is a totally different story. I stress the importance of taking care of your skin. I firmly believe that with good skin, there might be little use for makeup.

I used to spend a lot on skincare. I was using a Japanese brand from cleansing down to moisturizing with all the serums in between. But somewhere along the way to motherhood I came to realize that with all the changes our bodies have to endure, the usual lot might not just work anymore. My skin has gone extremely dry and sadly, not as supple as it used to be. I then read somewhere that for my age group (early 30's), anti-oxidants is key and so is playing it safe in the sun.

Now, meet my tried and tested skincare family. The regimen that has been working for me since giving birth. 

5. Clinically prescribed Vitamin A Cream

The Avalon Organics Line is easy on the wallet and is available at all Healthy Options outlets. Mario Badescu you can get through Rustan's but a lot cheaper in the US. VMV Armada is quite on the high side price-wise, but is by far the best I've tried. 

The Vitamin A cream was prescribed by a dermatologist I visited recently. I don't regularly go but I figured I had to at some point. The cream is applied only 2x a week in a pea size portion. In case you're wondering, it's for anti-aging but in very small doses.

And my recent find and most favorite product of late is the Moroccan Argan Oil. It works wonders for me, my dry skin, and occasional laziness. I can never go out of the house un-moisturized so when time is not my side, I just grab this bottle and apply in the car. It's my all-in-one weapon against dryness. Available through Rustan's.

I don't suppose my regimen will work for you too. While it's too soon to worry about wrinkles and laugh lines, it's never too soon to start taking good care of your skin. 

Start by knowing your skin type and take it from there. There are a lot of options in the market and remember, skincare need not be expensive in order for it to work. 


  1. great post on skincare! Thanks for the tips

  2. I agree! Invest on skincare and there's no need to spend a fortune on makeup! =)

  3. This is a nice post Mikka, I love seeing (nosing) others skin care regimen and eventually learn a thing or two from them. Thanks for sharing.