Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surprise Closet Staple Series {Lana of Hautepot}

Hello Mischmash readers! I am Lana of Hautepot and I’m thrilled to share with you my surprise closet staple, these polka dot Palazzo/Pajama pants from Koi Swimwear. I got these pants a few months back since I wanted to try this new trend in pajama dressing. These pants were the most affordable ones I could find and had the most flattering fit. I even decided to get one with a print. 

I almost went home with buyers' remorse thinking, Oh God, why didn’t I make a safe, solid color choice…oh well, at least it’s affordable. If I don’t get to wear it so much, it’s cool. Well, these pants proved me wrong and I have already found numerous ways to wear it. 

Here are some ways ranging from the basic: wearing it with a plain white t-shirt, then a button-down blouse with a striped piping at the neckline, then wearing it with color, print and pattern. 

Since I’ve been stuck in the city almost the whole year, I haven’t found time to wear this to the beach but I can totally see these pants as a great beach cover-up as well. Hooray to unexpected, yet hardworking closet staples! Hope you liked my guest contribution today. 

Thanks again to Mikka for letting me reach out to her readers. If you have other suggestions on how to wear these pants or would like to be a doll and just check out my blog, I’m over at Hautepot.

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