Monday, October 3, 2011

Fantasy Interiors {If Mischmash was a... Part Deux}

With my reliable point & shoot still recuperating after a great fall, I'd have to skip the usual tidbits post today. There are no photos to share even if we did manage to make the whole weekend enterprise a fun and albeit leisurely one. Let's just say I did go past halfway the book I've been reading since, umm.. forever while Le Misch and her dad kick ball on a windy Saturday morning.

To make up for weekend tidbits' absence, I'm sharing with you part deux of my interiors of fancy in my perennial favorite hues. If you missed the first run, find it here.
If Mischmash was a lamp...
If Mischmash was a children's bedroom...
If Mischmash was a day bed...
If Mischmash was a chair or an ottoman...
If Mischmash was a vignette...

Aqua and orange, whichever way presented is good by me. It's the kind of pairing that gives me the ooohs and ahhhs especially in quirky interiors like these. 

And something tells me this is not gonna be the last round. 

(images via pinterest)


  1. Absolutely loving the colors! This might as well be my peg for my future home! I love this! :) ♥

  2. Hi Mikka. My Canon s90 also broke down on me on a beach trip---sand got in the lens and the cost of repairing the camera was almost the price I paid for it brand new :( I don't know if it has something to do with how the lens of Canon's point & shoot cameras are made that makes it more vulnerable to lens error, especially when they're dropped.I'd go for Canon for DSLRs but for prosumer/ point & shoots, I'm considering Lumix next time :)