Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

I've been in search of inspiration lately that a good friend of mine literally stripped her wrist off of this lovely bracelet and wore it on mine. It quite did its magic as when I got home I started sorting and de-cluttering my space. It was only fitting because this weekend we welcomed a new year in the Chinese calendar. 
Saturday was all about creative talk, light food, good company, and pots and pots of raspberry tea.
Sunday, we took Le Misch to see the horses and it just so happened there was a polo match going on. I was bored while she was cheering with sheer delight. For whom exactly, I don't know. 
And what perfect way to cap of this weekend than to party with Katy Perry? It sure was a fun concert that hubby and I we're so tempted to hit the after-party. I'm glad we didn't as I am now battling a stubborn cold.

How's your long weekend going so far? Have you had some great Chinese food already? Have you changed your sheets to give way for good luck?  If you haven't, you still have time! Kung hei fat choy!

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