Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mischmash Travels {San Francisco}

As we take you to a round-up of our San Francisco adventure, we're using one of our favorite reads as a guide. You see, it's good to prepare a child for a big trip way before you leave. That way, they are really able to appreciate the place and soak up on the sights. That is of course if they can grasp at least a little understanding already. But even when you think they're too young to understand, reading to them won't hurt. And you'll surely reap the rewards before you know it.

We've seen most of the places and characters mentioned in the book the first time we took Mischka to land of the rising sour dough at age 1. The sea lions, the fisherman's wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, the crooked Lombard St.. those are all staples that are not to be missed in this child-friendly city.
This time around, we had more time to just bask in the pleasant weather and take our time getting to know the city more.
To walk in the park with a cup of Peet's to keep us warm.
To stop and smell the flowers in bloom.
To visit a museum for kids that adults can enjoy just as much.
To ride a carousel that's a century-old.
To visit a museum for adults that kids can enjoy just as much.
To visit a place where there were endless things to explore.
To dance with 3 colorful shadows...
..to feel the fog build up..
and to have good 'ole fun with Mama Bear and Papa Bear.
To drive down south and say hi to our marine friends.
And just simply to go out and dance in the sun.

"Goodnight, San Franciscans. Thank you for sharing a wonderful day."


  1. i love that series of books for kids....we have goodnight new york! the kids love that when we flip through it, they know where all the places are....

    lovely pics mikka. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Mikka! Love your style and your blog :). May I ask if you don't mind - what camera do you use? I have noticed your pictures are crisp and clear. I have been meaning to get a camera but I cannot decide on one yet. God bless you!

    1. Hi Marie! I am very happy with my Canon S100. I used the S90 before that and it has brought me nothing but good pictures. You should definitely get the S series from Canon. Its the best point and shoot there is. Hope this helps!