Thursday, January 26, 2012


Over the long weekend, Le Misch and I found time to make vignettes of my new clutches. I'm not just saying this. She really did help me with these. She picked out the accessories and was just eagerly putting things together, asking me if they match or not. Having a girl is just seriously fun, isn't it, mothers-of-little-girls? Of course, I have no idea how it is to have a boy but I bet its pretty awesome too. 

Moving on, may we present to you... the latest pieces to join our small collection. I have more in the works but these 4 are yours for the picking over at CHICIFY
The popular Jenna patchwork is back in new color combinations. Orange is a strong hue but when paired when an old favorite, Mr. Tan, with a bit of hair leather in zebra thrown-in, you get a nice mix of unexpected textures coming together like they were made for each other.
If orange is too much of a showstopper yet you still want something interesting, this tonal synthesis of hair calf leather, subtly shimmering bronze, and distressed tan is one for you. A closer look at it, here
The Kirstie is a personal favorite. I like the element of surprise it has in that vertical stripe of zebra-print hair leather. Tan for me is as classic as black and the POC (pop-of-color!) the brass zipper brings has just the right amount of zest.
Talk about zest and this Kirstie is full of it. It's in textured skin with leopard print hair leather vertically sliced in the middle. Add the yellow brass zipper to the equation and this one's definitely far from mellow.

These are all in full leather and are all lovingly handmade by local artisans. We only have limited pieces available as I know you like it like that. I do too.  


  1. awesome new designs! will have to stop over at chicify and take a look!

  2. I love your new designs.

    You li'l one has got your taste. Yes, girls are indeed so fun to have; I have two of them, so double the fun for me.:)

  3. hi where did you get the vogue best dressed? :)