Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toddler Travel 101 {The Absolute Essentials}

I get asked about toddler travel a lot around here that its high time I post something about it. Sorry it took awhile mummies. Keeping a blog is a lot of fun but is far from effortless. And besides I hate to disappoint my small yet lovely audience. I always like to keep it light, visually appealing, and hopefully inspiring for you. So for toddler travel matters, lets shelf them up here in Toddler Travel 101. 

Topping the agenda is what-to-pack. Let's start off with the absolute essentials. Sharing with you what goes in our hand carry irregardless of destination. May it be a short road trip or a long haul flight, these are the pieces we pack.
1. A light hooded jacket. 2. Pull-up diapers. 3. A light blanket. 4. Two sets of basic clothing. 5. Her beloved cow. 6. Favorite reads. 7. Water jug. 8. Snack dispenser with cereals and Goldfish (no fail favorite!). 9. Jammies. 10. Sunscreen. 11. Hat. 12. First Aid Kit. 13. Wipes. 
14. Feeding utensils.  

The rest that goes into the luggage heavily depends on destination and activities in-stored for the little munchkin. And such we'll tackle further in the next Toddler Travel 101 posts.  

I'm thinking, did I miss anything? (Milk, of course is a given.)

You have any toddler travel tips? You're more than welcome to share here! 


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