Thursday, November 10, 2011

Momme Planner

You know me and planners. Those, notebooks, crisp beautiful paper, and smooth-writing pens are my guilty pleasures. No matter how digital our age can get, I will happily go back to my pen and paper. 

So picture my delight when I learned about the Momme Planner-- a planner for moms made by moms. Created by young mothers juggling many roles who knew the key to excelling in most if not all, is to be organized. It took them almost a year of research, surveys, and conceptualization to put together a product that is sure to work for their target market-- busy mothers, themselves. 

They pretty much thought of everything deemed useful for our lifestyle. Some of my favorite features are the document, medical, and financial trackers. You cannot leave your planners lying around though, as it has all these sensitive information!
Love how the daily schedule is laid out with labels for mom, dad, and kids. Well thought of.
The meal planner and the grocery lists are sure helpful in running a healthy and efficient household.
I've had mommy planners before but they were never as detailed as this. Important numbers and essential dates you constantly go back to are all listed in one place. 
I totally need a password tracker! Again, you cannot leave your planners lying around for everyone to see. 

You've seen the inside, wait til you see how the planner looks like from the outside. It comes in a cross-body and a French pochette in a bevy of neutral colors. 
The Posh Collection in icy silver, bubbly champagne, and warm cinnamon.
The Luxe Collection in silver, gold, antique, titanium, and blush.
The Exotic Limited Edition in bronze and platinum.

As mothers, we already have so much to do. With the Momme planner we can do so much more. For orders and inquiries, please call:

MANILA +63 917 803 5529;  +63 917 324 3779
CEBU      +63 917 322 0315

Find them on FACEBOOK for more details.

It will be available in CHICIFY too! Watch out for it very soon. 


  1. I like gold! I'll call the number. BTW I've been wanting to ask the totes that you sell --WEEKENDS /BABY /etc.. Can I have one personalized? ...and thanks for liking my diy =0

  2. Wow! This is the PERFECT planner. I'm so glad you posted this. I'm definitely getting this one.

    Thanks, Mikka! :)

  3. ugh miks, my weakness. paper + attempts at organization. :S will wait for it in chicify.. haha loyalty!

  4. Wow that is a planner on steroids!