Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

The weekend was extra long and loaded yet one that was surprisingly relaxed. It was a weekend chockfull of parties but we managed to swing by the Global Pinoy Bazaar since I was in the area for a quick meeting anyway. It was fun scouring for fresh and interesting finds while bumping into old friends in the process. I wish I took more pictures. But you see when faced with retail excitement, documenting is the last thing on your mind.
Speaking of failed attempts on documentation, I feel we don't do justice to the fun and cheeky 1st birthday party of Jet with these photos. Nope, it wasn't sponsored by the airline. But it sure felt that way from the logo down to the party crew's uniforms (i.e. black shift dress with an orange scarf tied around their necks). Love it!

In other news, the Mr. and I have unconsciously started a simple tradition these past few weekends of 'just-us-three,' no nanny, no driver-- just us three. And we are seriously loving it. Yesterday while the Mr. has to work out some sweat, Mischka and I just hung out at a bookstore. It felt like I was just hanging with a girlfriend, save for the diaper bag I had on my shoulder. The conversations we had, both silly and sensible are the kind that makes you think how lucky you must be to call this little 'big' person your own. 

Enough with the sappiness. All I wanted to say was that it was a great weekend and that I wish for you to try 'just-you-___' weekends too.  


  1. Hi Mikka:). Ever since I found out that you are the lady behind Faith Hope Love, I visit your blog often already because I simply love Faith Hope Love :). Is that green and blue maxi skirt from there? Was at your Trinoma branch just this Saturday, and I spotted a mustard maxi skirt there (is that the same one)? Thank you :)!

  2. true, it can get really stressful when you have yaya's and whatnots in tow. you two are really so adorable :)

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  3. Oooh, I love the green skirt!

  4. nice post (: christmas this year seems to come around really quickly. liking your outfit (:

    CMPang x

  5. Hi ladies!

    Thank you for your sweet notes. Since some of you are asking, the green skirt is an old dress I turned into a maxi skirt. I just literally cut off the bodice. The blue one is from Sarah Tirona of http://fashioneggplant.blogspot.com :)

    Thanks for dropping by!


  6. Hi! I love reading your blog and I really love your style.

    Can I get your advise? I recently bought a violet maxi skirt from Sarah and I'm confused as to what to pair it with? Would appreciate your ideas.