Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mischmash Stylish Mama {November}

Richie Ortega-Torres, makes stunning, whimsical bridal wear while effortlessly raising two beautiful girls with husband, Itong. She keeps a gorgeous well-lived home that is evident of a happy marriage, an extensively-travelled couple, and a young endearing tight-knit family.
The family's broad interests spawned into a myriad of books spied all over the place.
We asked Richie to bring out her favorite things and one of the first things she unearthed was this intricately beaded silk puse.
Even Gaudi's gecko covets Richie's Miu Miu rope leather sandals.
Marni dress, Paul Smith court heels, and a hat from milliner, Carmina de Dios.
Her black Marni sandals towers over Hogwart's castle.
Artifacts from various travels adorned with her favorite necklaces.
(L) Much loved medallion charms. (R) A Super Award for rocking the world of fashion.
(L)The family's trying their green thumbs and so far so good as you can see with this thriving basil. (R) Interesting pieces that are actually functional are spotted here and there.
Richie's most precious gems: Luccia, 3y.o. and Oliva, 5y.o.
Quirky dolls at the girls' bedroom.
Olivia and Luccia played hostesses to my little assistant.
Describe your personal style.
Always relaxed, minimalist/simple/sophisticate but bohemian and free spirited. Which is sometimes the opposite of what I design, feminine and romantic. It's funny but I think it balances out my "style" sanity. Staying in one end of the spectrum would drive me crazy and bored.

What are you wearing this holiday season? Zero by Maria Cornejo

Closet staples? Black dresses. My Arche rubber flats (addicted to these for close to 20 years), scarves and shawls. Leggings and rubber soled ballet flats.

How are you influencing your daughter's personal style? I am a shopaholic when it comes to their clothes, and they love dressing up, so it's really enjoyable for all of us. My eldest (5 yrs old) is already adamant about picking all her everyday outfits, and my youngest (3 yrs old) loves wearing costumes, and I highly encourage it, so they can express their individuality through their style choices. I just want them to have fun with it.

Style icons? Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Lou Doillon, Marion Cotillard, and Michelle Obama.

Tip or 2 for all moms out there who want to stay stylish amidst all the hullabaloo motherhood brings? I find that dresses have been my life saver since I've become a mom. It's just one piece so it's a no brainer.

Any shopping advice?
If you can, choose quality over quantity. In my experience, it'll last longer and you'll wear it more and more, then you'll likely to take care of it more.

Luccia wears a dress from The Ramp Kids and Olivia in a dress from Gingersnaps.

The girls are their mother's biggest fans. 

Spending an afternoon with Richie and her daughters is as refreshing as it is inspiring. You'd easily admire the way she balances the crazy push-and-pull between motherhood and running a business. 
Outside her little family, she makes brides (jittery or cool) happy. And I happen to be one of those brides who made the best decision ever and pick a designer I most resonate with. Richie just got me from first meeting to final fitting. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. And I am one of many, that I am sure.


Find Richie Ortega Bridal on Facebook for details.

Photography by Anthony Co.


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