Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dissection of an Ensemble {stripes on stripes on stripes}

Told 'ya. I wasn't kidding about my slight obsession with pencil skirts + sweaters. Wore this last week when Le Misch and I had a photo shoot so please pardon the makeup. Obviously we have a slight fixation with horizontal lines too. She was actually wearing exactly the same striped shirt as my skirt when I had to change her just right about stepping out. Overkill! 

P.S. In the photo, she was holding a small rock she picked up outside (don't ask me why) and was trying to give me some outfit posing 101. 


  1. I love the ensemble and Mischka's striped top! Always enjoy reading about your mommy-and-Mischka adventures.:)

  2. ooh. i like the stripes on stripes. you're right, the pencil skirts and sweaters create a nice silhouette.