Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Global Pinoy Bazaar {100% Filipino Love and Pride}

We're halfway through the week, fresh off our 4-day long weekend, and we can already see the next one lurking! Weeeee!! 

It's looking all sorts of exciting with Yabang Pinoy's Global Pinoy Bazaar. I've been a little turned off with the bazaars I've been to this year that I vowed to go only to niche and unique ones. Global Pinoy is definitely topping that list as I have openly professed my love for all things Filipino-designed.

Remember Mischmash Stylish Mama Kathy and those fabulous rings of hers? Well, I am a HUGE fan. And I am elated to share with you that she'll be at Global Pinoy Bazaar this weekend! Come by and show her (and the rest of the young Filipino design community) some love. 

See you there!

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