Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY {Vanity Bench}

Just recently, we moved in to my in-laws and took over a room of the Mr.'s late grandpa. We did some repainting and some minor renovations. We didn't wanna spend a lot but we wanted a place that speaks well of our personal style to come home to. Some of the furniture we gave up and some we retained. One of which is this vanity bench. It was old and dusty but I saw a flicker of hope in it. It was just begging for a little DIY attention.

I had it reupholstered using a damask printed fabric and painted the legs and base in the same shade as  my birdcage. That can of paint actually went a long way.

Voila! A refurbished vanity bench in a print I adore and a color that brightens up our predominantly flat white room. 

Here's how much I spent:
Damask Fabric, Php200 (2 yards),  Cotton Club Glorietta
Dunn Edwards Lemon Punch, Php400+ (1 pint), Wilcon 
Upholstery Labor, Php300

I've shared this nook of mine a couple of times here and you're probably tired of it already. Just sharing  how one fixture ties up my little slice of peace in the bedroom.    


  1. i love your nook no matter how many times you post it here..haha! in fact, i am inspired in making some changes in my own little corner...nice one miks!

  2. love the fabric and the pop of yellow. Nice!!!

  3. What a pretty, pretty nook! Am loving the birdcage and the matryoshka dolls as well :) Thanks for posting! This gave me my little dose of happy for the day :)

  4. What a pretty, pretty little nook! I am loving the birdcage and the matryoshka dolls too! Thanks for posting! You gave me my dose of happy for the day :)

  5. I love it! :) Love the bench and the nook :)

  6. Hey, I have that same fabric too! I love it! Great job!

  7. Fantastic! Really great job Mikka :)