Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fantasy Closet {All Maxed Out}

Maxi skirts are seriously my go-to article of clothing for days when I am faced with a closetful of nothing-to-wear. I couldn't care less if its still on-trend or not. It is after all the most practical and versatile piece I own as of the moment. Day or night, casual or dressy, the maxi is my fool-proof baby. 

Incidentally, a reader asked:
Kpmb, this fantasy closet visit is for you! Maxi skirts particularly the jersey kind like that of Sarah's are the easiest! It skims the body in a flattering way and best of all it doesn't crease! So for a solid take like that, you can practically throw in anything. A tank, a sweater, a button-down-- they all fall effortlessly into the maxi skirt equation. And with it being solid, you may by all means, accessorize to your heart's delight.

The Elements:
  1. Witchery Drapey Maxi
  2. Topshop Tall Roll Sleeve
  3. PS1 Keep-all
  4. Christian Louboutin Pigalle
  5. Dorothy Perkins Belt 
  1. A.L.C. Luca Silk Maxi
  2. Nicole Miller Cocoon Top
  3. Lulu Frost Vintage Necklace
  4. Givenchy Nightingale
  5. T Kees Flip Flops
  1. Malene Birger Pleated Maxi
  2. Zara Polka Dot Skirt
  3. Christian Louboutin No. 299
  4. Maison Scotch Clutch 


  1. Love maxi skirts, but I still need a to buy the perfect one. I love the last outfit! Totally my style!

    Lots of love, B
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  2. nice! i have a few more maxi's and turbans for chicify, ill try to drop them off within the week :)

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  3. Super OMG moment!

    I am so thrilled and touched that you actually took time to blog about this. Very, very helpful indeed!

    Thank you so much! You are such a rock star! :)

  4. Such a lovely post, I like these outfits! Great sense of style!

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