Monday, November 7, 2011

Team Jenna

Many of us look up to Jenna Lyons. Not just for her undeniably chic personal style but also for what seemed to be a picture-perfect little life. Her flourishing career as J.Crew's creative director, an insanely  fabulous Brooklyn apartment, an artist (then) husband and a beautiful boy to call family. And lest not forget that closet.  She's living the life most of us can only dream of.

And while Jenna is in a sticky situation (i.e a messy divorce) and a controversial coming out, I look back to my top most favorite looks of hers. 
I've always love how she mixes the most unexpected of things like a feathery wedding gown from J. Crew Bridal and a pullover. 
She has mastered the skill of feminine/masculine mash-up and does denim on denim best. 
Jenna at home playing with son, Beckett.

A loving mother, a strong, independent woman, and a knack for making striped shirts and pullovers dressier than ever, make Jenna a modern-day peg of many. And somehow it doesn't matter who she chooses to shack up with. 

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