Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fantasy Closet {The Shirt Jacket}

When we put on our mothering hat, the last thing on our minds probably is owning a tailored jacket. Thought bubble: what good would it do us if we get drool all over or have to run after a feisty toddler?

Enter the buttonless, light weight number. It's a good alternative to the ubiquitous cardi. It adds instant polish to any outfit and when done well, it merits a somewhat effortless vibe to the whole ensemble. It's as if you thought about it hard when in fact it was just one of those days you threw in the first thing you see upon opening your closet. 

Have it within reach all the time as it can truly come in handy. 

The Elements:
  1. Romwe Shirt Jacket
  2. General Pants Honnete Dress  
  3. Luana Ines Bag
  4. Chloe Wedges
  1. Topshop 3/4 Sleeve Jacket
  2. Kain Silk White Top
  3. Simone Camille Carry On 
  4. Paris No. 2 Jeans
  5. Mystique Gold Crystal Sandals
  1. Romwe Shirt Jacket
  2. Tibi Aurora Tank
  3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Shorts
  4. Celine Boston Tote
  5. Giuseppe Zanotti Ballerina Flats

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