Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rachel Zoe Revealed

The much hyped collection of celebrity stylist cum designer Rachel Zoe, now very pregnant-but-hardly-showing, is finally out. And it does not disappoint.


The flared pants, the silk tie blouse, the 70's vibe, the glam bohome. Suffice to say, it's very Rachel. I like it. I think they're fab and very wearable too. Us mums can pull off most if not all of these looks here, ya? But I'm not ready for Fall. Not just yet.

It's Thursday and almost weekend, lovelies! Le Misch and I are flying to my hometown today, so it might get a little quiet in the home front. Although I am hopeful, the little girl will spare me some good few hours a day to sit back, blog a little, get creative, and keep my sanity in the process. 

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