Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fantasy Closet {More on Orange}

Of course it's only fitting that today's fantasy closet visit will feature the season's hottest color.

I like the look of turquoise set against burnt orange. These 2 colors when put together are enough for a day's ensemble hence everything else is kept neutral and toned down.

The Elements:
  1. Willow Vibrant Asymmetric Drape Dress,
  2. Turquoise Stone Necklace,
  3. YSL Washed Leather Easy,
  4. Lanvin Ankle-Wrap Wedge Pump,
  5. Annak x Carlife Watch,
  6. Prada Infusion d 'Iris,

Orange is tricky. Not all of have us are gifted with the skin tone that goes well with that hue. It will do wonders for the olive-skinned but don't despair pale-skinned ladies, a less vibrant shade like creamy rockmelon will do just fine on you. 

One way to know if you've the right shade is to put the garment near your face and if your eyes pop and face instantly brightened, then you've got a winner. If you look dull and drab, try another shade. 

Have a stylish orange Wednesday ladies!

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