Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inquisitive High

Someone is highly inquisitive nowadays, Mr. and Mrs. P can barely keep up.

"What is that?"
"What is this?" 
"How do that?"
"What you call that?"
"Where are we going Mama?"
"Where are you Mama/Dada, where are you?"
"Who gave that?"
"Who bought that?"
"What flavor is that?" 

"What color is this?"
 Taken from last Friday's grocery shopping for that day's baking activity which I will post soon!

The best one so far being "I like your outfit Mama. What you call that?" Of course, I'm partial. But no, I am not making this up.

'Hope your weekend is coming along great, lovelies!


  1. Hahahaha!! She has another favorite one "what's buduy Mama? What's buduy?" And then she'll answer her own question, "buduy is corny!" We are perplexed as to where she gets all these silly words and ideas. Buduy!