Saturday, February 12, 2011

creation of the week + happy weekend!

Hello from Ba-cool-od! Le Misch and I are in town in time for her birthday fiesta next week and we are beyond excited!

So just a quick post, lovelies. I've a made pact with myself of late to find time for one of my passions- putting together baubles from my collection of stones, beads, and whatnots. At least one creation a week, is all I ask.

Enter, this week's neck piece creation.

Handmade from antique gold chains, tortoise-like rings from Hong Kong, bamboo ring from Singapore, and a mix of stones. My little assistant and I are trying to put together a collection. She has shown genuine interest and I couldn't be more pleased. Although after 15 minutes or so of tinkering, she goes "I'm done!" and moves on to the next stimulating activity. 

Have a lovely weekend, friends!