Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jewelmer {Passion for Pearls}

I am in awe every single time I see this billboard on a flyover on the way to Fort Bonifacio. AND I always point it out to Le Misch with sheer pride that Mama used to work there. The styling, the vintage feel, the choice of models, the simple yet striking caption..PERFECTION.

One of the few things I pride myself in is having spent a year working in Jewelmer. A highly passionate French-Filipino company whose vision is to create the most lustrous pearls in the world. I tell you, they have put that vision into reality. I have never seen so many beautiful things in my life!

Jewelmer is very special to me. I wear it every single day.

Diamonds are nice but I'm a pearl kind of girl. Of course, my photo does not give justice to the luster of my almost 12mm white studs. One of my greatest possessions purchased with hard-earned dough in my early 20's. Trends come and go, but I stay true to my pearls.

An exquisite golden pair of the same size is still on top of my wish list. Someday.

If you share my passion for pearls, visit Jewelmer's branches locally and globally listed here.

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