Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{A Few} Snaps from the Weekend

Our weekend was mellow and we liked it that way. We didn't have plans, we didn't make plans. We mostly stayed in, had a movie marathon (something we haven't done in a really looooong time), and just had some plain old weekend slow down.

I picked up this bottle of Chardonnay from Wine Depot for its tongue-in-cheek logo. (I'm one of those who gets easily sold to nice packaging). Luckily our 'accomplice' was not bad. Not bad at all that hubby and I finished the bottle over one movie.

We promised her a trip to the stables to see the horses but after 2 failed attempts, we gave in to her request to ride the train. Glee plastered all over her little face. 
To cap off the mellow weekend, we tried the new resto in town, 2nd's. Still on dry run but it wasn't bad. Food was good, portions were big, prices slightly on the high side, service was impeccable.
 We'll most likely go back.

The weekend that was. 'Hope yours was wonderfully mellow too.

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