Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We've been trying to divise a plan to get Le Misch to sleep on her own bed through the night. She starts off there but ends up in between us in the morning. While we are enjoying these priceless bonding moments, we know at the back of our heads that this has got to stop someday, somehow. 

She loves the idea of camping in the room so I thought, why not build a teepee since I don't really like a camping-looking-tent in sight, all the time. Aside from the fact that teepees are more appealing than the tents they sell in toy stores, it looks like something that our all-around handyman can do. I'm thinking of painting the canvas, stripes, just like what we did with the table cloth for hubby's 35th. What do you think?

The idea still has safety issues I need to tackle and of course I don't expect a teepee to answer our sleeping dilemma but it's a start, right? A teepee might just give her a sense of independence and security when sleeping. And if it doesn't work, it would still look nice in a playroom.

(images of teepees via pinterest)


  1. such a cute idea! my littlest girl does the same thing as your le misch. she starts in her bed but comes into ours halfway through the night. she's our youngest, so i've indulged her a fair bit in this....but we're moving her in with her sister so that my big boy can have his own room. maybe she'll want to stay in the big bed there.....i don't know. i'm on the fence. part of me wants her to sleep through, but part of me doesn't want to give this up. not yet.

  2. This is a great idea! I'm thinking it might be hot inside? I solved the baby sleeping in our bed by putting them to sleep in their own rooms and sneaking out when they doze off . But more often that not I end up falling asleep way before they do ha!

  3. those teepees are cute! definitely a good start :)