Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Headboard Story

I've been wanting to do a story on headboards for a long time now. Headboards are interesting. There's so many things you can do about it should you decide to have one, of course.

Here are some that tickled my fancy.
Upholstered in pretty patterns.
Keep it interesting with curtain-like and refurbished old doors.
Chevron print fabric stiffened with Stiffen Stuff(I need this!).
Letters and decal. The letters remind me of our alphabet wall project which we have yet to tackle!
Wooden planks. They go so well with a gray wall and stark white bed linens. Just my kind of urbane organic. (All images above are from pinterest.)
And here's how our headboard is looking nowadays. Nowhere near those fabulous headboards I fancied but I like how an Ikea-bought fabric can give a room, personality. It's just one of those last yards they usually put on sale that I had mounted on a wooden frame. The patterned pillows are from Bungalow 300 bought from Dimensione while the elephant themed one is from Jim Thompson


  1. I'm loving your headboard Mikka! And oh the treasure you can find in Ikea, heading there tomorrow for our weekly date with my little one.

    This post inspires me as I'm planning to redo our room.

  2. Thanks Jean! Oh yes, Ikea is heaven. It used to be our escape when we were still based in SG. Have fun redecorating your room! :)

  3. That is a great headboard! I need to do something like this with mine.