Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mischmash Works {Smart Parenting Party Special}

Sharing with you a recent styling project which is a special favorite of mine. Smart Parenting is out with its August Party Issue and it's chock full of pretty things and birthday party ideas. You know me and birthday parties. My heart skips a little when I think of all things children's party. So when Smart Parenting approached me to do their fashion editorial for August, I had no hesitations whatsoever. 

Not until I learned that I also had to prepare the props! Dressing up kids all under the age of 5 is no easy feat but making sure that the set is pretty too, is another thing. 

And so as the story of my party planning life goes, creative relatives save the day. Thank goodness for my cousin Marinez, who practically did all the props here. 

And to my daughter, who at the tender age of 2, is hard at work (and play too), whenever Mama has a styling gig. 


  1. Nice work, Miks! Can I borrow your backdrop idea for Bud's birthday in Dec? :)

  2. Hi Trix! Sure! If you guys are anywhere nearby, I could even lend the set to you! Too bad :P