Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Sharing with you a little nook we have around our halfway house. As much as we want to renovate, we cannot. But you'll spy snippets of the dwellers around here. Le Misch calls this her library. Those pretty wooden ladies I scored at a flea market recently for Php100($2.5) a set!

Every night, before we go to bed, she picks 3 books to read. 1 for Dada and 2 for Mama. Although Dada has found a shortcut lately. He downloaded some books into the Ipad which read by themselves. Talk about tech-savvy shortcut parenting! 

Meanwhile I still like it the old fashion way. Reading books before bedtime. Last night she insisted she reads to me instead. At first I was surprised she could read but no, she just memorized the lines coz when I looked it was upside-down. Haha! Oh and do you spot that crown hanging over our pile of whatnots? I get to be Princess Mama some nights too. 

Hope you have something fun planned this weekend. Our weekenders are packed and we are all set to go as soon as the Mr. gets off work. We are driving down south tonight and we'll be spending the weekend at the beach. 


  1. I love your book end Mikka, did yo get it in flea market as well?

    I can't wait to read bed time stories to my little girl. Right now if I try to read to her she hill just grab the book from me and bite it. Hehe

    Enjoy your weekend and post photo of your beach escape so I will get jealous and swear for the lack of nice beach here in SG. :D

  2. Hi Jean! You're in for a treat! I got the bookends from Cotton On Kids. It was only $10 for a set!

    You know, I started reading to Mischka at such an early age. Even when I knew she doesn't understand anything. I think that's one reason why she loves to read so much :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Your little Mikka is in her pre-reading stage already.:) It's indeed a joy to catch kids in that age reading from memory and with an upside-down book! My parents told me I started reading that way too.:)

  4. OMG, I'll run my way there tomorrow! Haha!!! Thank you for the info.

    I want my little one to have a love affair with books too just like me and the husband. Sometimes though I will just invent/ make a story of my own and tell it to her that way I'll have her full attention... for awhile. :)