Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Blogger Series {Pat of 101 Grams of (Eye) Candy}

Hi, I’m Pat. I am the author of the blog 101 Grams of (Eye) Candy. I was surprised Mikka asked me to guest blog since we’ve only met online. We follow each other’s blogs and exchanged a couple of comments. (I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Mikka’s blog but I remember sharing her link and recommending her site to friends!).

I am a mother to four girls, my husband and I run our own business together – we have a printing company we’ve put up back in 2002.

Here is my recipe for my kind of an easy-breezy motherhood..
He always gives me a fresh perspective on things, and is a positive thinker. His can-do attitude has rubbed off on me. (And he cooks for us – that crosses out a task for me!)
It is not the easiest thing to do but I owe my sanity to storage bins, boxes, trays, baskets, labels, binders, calendars, shelves and more shelves. Organizing has become more of a past time though, rather than a chore.
I love my work because it gives me so much satisfaction. Having our own business allows us to see more of our kids too. The best part is -- I get full access to our machines and office equipment—it’s a crafter’s heaven! (Plus, I save on gifts because friends and family always appreciate blown-up pics and personalized cards).
My current one…bunch of frames I need to hang! There is a moment of pride and fulfillment in every (DIY) project completed.
You would know what these are for, when I tell you I don’t cook. Please don’t judge me.
It’s ok to wait till the morning to clean the night’s mess, to let my child do her homework or test review-- alone, to pass on that party you’ve been invited to, to oversleep…because after all that, I know I can still manage.
Having had the patience to wait has given me the best things that I have now.

Going through Pat's recipe made me smile. Made me realize how much I enjoy picking up tricks and tips from mothers who have truly mastered the art of juggling work and life therefore finding good balance. Thank you Pat for sharing your recipe with us. Ladies, mothers or not, you are sure to enjoy Pat's amazing blog chock-full of DIY tips and projects. Check it out here

All images by Pat.
Artwork by Mikka.


  1. no. 6 is very important for all mom's to remember. love your list and my hubby does most of the cooking too. we're so lucky! :)

  2. great recipe! i don't cook either, so i especially like your #5....pancakes every sunday (and i also do the mickey mouse ones) are my only specialty.

  3. i so love pat's blog :) thanks for sharing all these tips. i think i'll go have me some wine mid-day as inspired by #6!

  4. thanks mikka!
    fashioneggplant: thank you! yes, we're so lucky!
    norbyah: glad to know im not the only one!
    pat: thanks! mid-day wine --good idea!