Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Goes without saying, we had such a wonderful weekend. Any weekend involving colorful mats, a swimming pool, mojitos, dips, cheese, wine (the works), sprawling gardens, and comfort food usually results to kids and adults both having good 'ole fun. 

Le Misch sports a new one-piece from The Ramp Kids. She had way too much fun swimming her eyes got red as her swimsuit. The girl loves the water and boy can she swim! The day went by without her taking a nap and she finally konked out at 11pm in the car on the way home! Sometimes I  worry we push her too much, not having strict schedules like the other kids.. Do you mums, ever feel that way? 

And as if Saturday's festivities were not enough, she got on a horse the following day! Just for a photo op, don't worry. But yes, she knows no fear. She loved it and can't stop talking about Marushka being her most favorite horse, after. It was her first time to get on one, mind you.

Whew, the weekend that was.


  1. OMG she looks so small on the horse! :) What a fun weekend you had! I love her swimsuit and that colorful mat!

  2. Le Misch is such a beauty! :) And i love your mats too! Where'd you get them? :)