Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dissection of an ensemble

On my way out to a meeting last week, I asked our nanny to take a photo of me against a bare wall. Le Misch was quick to jump in and asked if she can join. "Of course," I said. Then she asked if she can change her clothes "because I have strawberries on my shirt, Mama.." Hilarious. Clearly, my fool-proof to a great day. 

So there, I attempted to do a little layering that day. I always kinda like the long-crisp-shirt-peeking-out-of-skirt look. Have you tried it?


  1. Mikks, that is very trendy style, i would like to do, but, i think, only you can pull that off:-) pudgy peeps like moi, will not do it justice:-)
    seriously.. i love it on you!!!

    see you soon!!!

  2. Hi Mikka :) Varekai was awesome wasn't it?! I LOVE that ring and I think this is such a smart looking outfit. I dunno if I can pull off the peekaboo long shirt under a skirt but I think it adds a quirky touch that keeps the outfit interesting.